Book Name: IKIGAI - The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Author: Francesc Miralles, Héctor García

Hello my friends, by finding your IKIGAI and working on it, you can reach an irreplaceable level.  Even technology couldn't replace you.

  There is an island in Japan called Okinawa where people manage to live for over 100 years.  Even people aged between 80 and 90 are very healthy and successfully do their own jobs.  They work their whole lives with joy and never think about retirement.  Every person on this island lives a happy and peaceful life because they use a very powerful formula and live a long life.  This formula is called IKIGAI, which means the reason for living the purpose of your life.  The Japanese believe that you are in this world with a purpose and that purpose is your man.  If you work independently of your goal, you will be happy and stressful and your brain will always be eager to find that goal.  But the good news is that by using this formula, anyone living anywhere in the world can find their IKIGAI and live a meaningful life while in college or school.

  Most of us are faced with a dilemma as to which career to choose or what to do in life.  We seek advice from family members, friends or relatives.  Some may tell us that you have to select the job you love to do.  Others might say that you should pick the job you're good at.  Few will suggest that you should choose the job that will get you the most money, while others will say you should do what the world needs.  The problem here is that we are advised to select one of them, which is wrong and does not really help to find out our real purpose.  But it is the combination of these four parts.  And if these four elements, if a part is not taken into account, you may miss your IKIGAI.  Let's understand better from the following diagram.

  The first circle is what you love, this circle will contain all of those things that you love to do.  The second circle is what you're good at.  This circle will contain all of those things that you are good at or an expert at.  The third circle is what you can get paid for.  This circle will contain all of those things or jobs that you can get paid for.  The fourth circle is what the world needs.  It will contain all those tasks or jobs that the world needs from you.  When you combine the first two circles, you will discover your passion, which means that the things you love to do as well as you are good at become your passion.  For example, you love to learn to program and create new applications and you are also good at it.  So it becomes your passion.  The intersection of the second and third circles helps you discover your profession, which means that what you are good at and can get paid for becomes your profession.  For example, you are good at teaching and you get paid for it as well.  So it becomes your job.  The intersection of the third and fourth circles will help you discover your calling, that is, the job or service you are paid for as well as the world or society in need of it.  So it becomes your calling.  For example, you wrote a book that is useful to the world and you also get paid in royalties and it becomes your calling.  And finally, the intersection of the fourth and the first circle helps you discover your mission, which means the job or service that you love to do and the world needs, then it becomes your mission.  For example, you like to reach out and counsel depressed young people and the world needs such a service.  So that becomes your mission.  Now the problem arises when people tell you that you have to find out your passion.  But finding the passion is not enough, because it is only part of your man.  You have to find the job that satisfies the other three components of IKIGAI, for example.  Suppose you like to write blogs.  You are good at it.  And the topics you write on the blog are also loved around the world and demand more from such articles.  And lastly, you also make money blogging through ads or other royalties.  So blogging satisfies all components namely passion, profession, vocation and mission, which means blogging is your IKIGAI.  Your goal should be to discover that task or that job that will satisfy the passion, profession, vocation and mission.  The central intersection of these four components is your IKIGAI, which means you will discover that job that you love to do, that you are also good at, that we pay well at and the world needs it.

  Once you are able to experience your IKIGAI, you can live a long and stress free life.  To give you a concrete example, Sachin Tendulkar loves to play cricket by practicing daily.  He became an expert in cricket.  He is also paid for it and the world loves to see him play.  So for Sachin, cricket satisfies the four components of IKIGAI, which means cricket is an IKIGAI type.  If you take the lives of most of the popular people in the world, they have all discovered Daiki guy.  That’s why they were successful and were ahead of the rest.  Dr Rajan Krishnan, founder of the iTed Indian Academy of Training and Development, also discovered his IKIGAI.  He enjoys giving trainings and leading seminars on various topics related to life skills and personality development.  He is also very good at it.  With practice and years of experience.  The training also allows him to earn money.  His trainings are appreciated by many people, which means the world needs him.

  Finding your IKIGAI is very important because by doing this you can get a flow status in your workflow.  State means getting so deep into your job that no distractions can bother you.  This state of flux is the strength of many successful people in the world, which has helped them be successful.  Success in their respective fields.  By finding this guy and working there, Steve Jobs, like the working models of artists and engineers who worked in the Sony factory in Japan during a visit to the factory in the eighties, Steve Jobs  learned a lot from them and put them to work.  in his own business.  Hayao Miyazaki, co-founder of Studio Gebel, one of the most popular animation studios in the world, never tires of his work.  Even though he is currently seventy-nine, he enjoys his job so much that he sometimes even works on Sunday holidays.  It's because he found his IKIGAI.  Jiro Ono, Japanese chef and owner of a Japanese sushi restaurant in Japan, is considered by his contemporaries to be the greatest sushi craftsman alive despite being 94 years old.  He cooks the best sushi dish in the world because making sushi is his IKIGAI by finding a guy and working on it.  You will be able to reach a level where you will be irreplaceable.  Even technology couldn't replace you.  One of the best examples of the irreplaceable Lety is Mr. Mark Gordon, who is Rolls-Royce's only Koshland painter.  He draws lines in a very unique way on the world's most expensive car, the Rolls-Royce, which is a very rare skill.  And until today, no one has been able to replace him.  You will not be able to find your man quickly in life, but you may have to rely on your inner voice and try various things in life.  Be curious about your IKIGAI, because once you find a guy, you can create magic in your life.  All of these things I shared in the IKIGAI book written by Hector Garcia and Francis Miraz.  There are other wonderful things mentioned about the people of Okinawa in this book.  Share a comment on what you like about this book.

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