Book : The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Author : Robin Sharma

This is a story of the man named Julien who was once a very profitable lawyer. He used to be famous, rich, and he fought instances solely to protect some definitely rich people. He had a huge mansion, a non-public jet, and of course, a Ferrari. But even after accomplishing these large matters in his life, he used to be now not satisfied. He desired greater fame, extra cash which led him to a factor the place he was once working for nearly 18 hours a day.

As a result, he acquired divorced, he barely interacted with his household and he appeared like an eighty yr ancient man even even though he used to be simply fifty three So as soon as for the duration of a normal court session, he felt some ache round his chest location and all of sudden he fainted. He used to be rushed to a close by health center the place physicians declared that he’d simply received a coronary heart attack. When Julien got here returned to senses, docs cautioned him now not to go so tough on himself, as he absolutely used to be now not in a role to preserve all that pressure.

They requested Julien to end his job and to stay his lifestyles peacefully with all that he has earned. This got here as a shock to him. He had been triumphing all instances his whole life, however when it got here to the case of his personal life, he appeared like a loser. He took a few days to digest this reality and slowly he started out to recognise all his mistakes.

So one satisfactory morning, he took a very daring step. He began promoting each and every materialistic matters that he possessed. He offered his mansion, his non-public jet, and he even offered his Ferrari.

Once he used to be carried out promoting things, he set out on a trip in search of the real which means of life. This ride used to be in the direction of the mystical land of India throughout the amazing Himalayan vary the place Indian monks resided. These monks had been no longer ordinary, as they had been amongst the human beings with very best stage of wisdom, and they had been succesful of releasing the possible of anyone’s soul, physique and mind.

Julien heard from his sources that these monks stay happily for greater than a hundred years, that too with an electricity of a younger man. It took him days to discover one of these monks who upon listening to Julien’s story, agreed to take him to their secret village.

Julien began residing there with these monks in that village. Watching Julien’s dedication, monk chief determined to educate Julien the standards of lifestyles on a circumstance that Julien will no longer hold that know-how to himself. Rather, he would unfold it to the backyard world. So the monks commenced narrating a story.

Imagine you’re sitting in a lovely backyard which is full of distinct kind of trees, flowers, and you can see many birds chirping around. The flora in the garden odor virtually exceptional and you are having a true time there. You note that there’s a lighthouse in the center of the backyard and unexpectedly the door of that lighthouse creaks open as you can see a sumo wrestler coming out of the lighthouse.

It’s truely bizarre to appear at the sumo wrestler, as he’s simply sporting an underclothes made of skinny wire. He wanders round and finds a golden stopwatch mendacity in the garden. As quickly as he tries to pick out it up, he slips and he falls on the ground, mendacity motionless.

After some time, you ought to see that he receives returned to his senses, in all likelihood due to the fact of the quality scent of the rose in the backyard and he appears in the direction of his left. On his left was once a route paved out of small diamonds which led to a vicinity the place the sumo wrestler can locate all the happiness in his life. He begins strolling on that direction and quickly receives out of sight.

Julien requested monk if this was once some type of a shaggy dog story as this story made no experience at all. The monk then stated that this is no everyday story, as this story has seven biggest standards of life. He then went there and commenced explaining the story, main it to its hidden meaning.

* The 1st precept is associated to the garden, which symbolizes our brain. If you sow suitable seeds, you’ll finally see best fruits on trees, properly flora bearing stunning flowers, and first-class easy grass. But if you put rubbish interior the garden, or if you simply give up watering the plants, the region will quickly flip into a dump.

Similarly, if you flood your Genius with superb ideas like kindness, love, empathy, and if you maintain motivating yourself, your intelligence will increase into this lovely backyard bearing true thoughts. This will assist you gain wonderful matters in lifestyles with internal peace.

But if you suppose bad or if you don’t provide your Genius some normal exercise, it will flip into rubbish dump which can solely yield some thing poisonous. It’s rightly said, an empty thought is devil’s workshop.

* The 2nd precept is associated to the lighthouse, which symbolizes dreams in your life. A lighthouse suggests the proper course to the ships crusing in an ocean. Similarly, we ought to pick the proper direction in our life. You can solely attain a vacation spot if at all you understand your destination.

Choose the goal and work on attaining it. You may have to face some difficulties whilst transferring toward your goal. But if you’re persistently shifting in the proper direction, faster or later you’re going to attain your destination.

* The 3rd precept is associated to the sumo wrestler, which symbolizes kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese phrase that skill non-stop getting to know and improvement. Sumo wrestler has to be very unique with his weight loss program and self-discipline to reap this big physique. Similarly, we want to continually maintain learning.

It is comparable to growing the addiction of studying books due to the fact books are the fine mentors. Not solely you analyze matters from books, however you usually preserve enhancing in each and every small component that you do in your life. Moreover, books are a consolidation of the whole lot that the authors have discovered in their complete lifetime, and you can have all that expertise in simply a few hours. So take section in each pastime which you suppose can assist you enhance in your life.

* The 4th precept is associated to the undies that the wrestler is sporting which is made up of wires, which symbolizes self-discipline and discipline. It would possibly be a small thing, but barring that underwear, the wrestler will be naked, and that clearly won’t be a eye-catching sight. Now if you have viewed cable wire from inside, you may be conscious of the reality that it typically is made up of many skinny wires which collectively types a cable. These skinny wires would possibly be vulnerable alone, however when put collectively are even more suitable than an iron rod.

Similarly, our self manage and self-discipline is made up of each small aspect that we do in our life. Be it waking up early or consuming healthy. We sense that these small matters don’t genuinely matter. But in reality, these are the solely component that matters.

You won’t see an immediate impact, however in the long run, these small matters can deliver some huge modifications in your lifestyles and they will outline who you are as an individual.

* The 5th precept is associated to the golden stopwatch which symbolizes time. No count number how prosperous or terrible you are, you solely have 24 hours in an complete day, no longer even a 2nd extra or much less than every body else. But the way we make use of these 24 hours is what makes us completely satisfied or sad, prosperous or poor.

Most of us have this dependancy of procrastinating which is nothing however a waste of time. By the time you’re accomplished with building castles in the air, anyone else out there simply signed a vastly worthwhile deal. By the time you woke up in the morning, any one else is going for walks from the fitness center feeling fresh, match and happy.

This does no longer imply that we must continually hold working. Instead, we have to revel in and have some enjoyable things to do in our every day life. And what’s truly necessary is to manipulate the entirety in these 24 hours.

Every profitable character is aware of how to control time. So they manipulate to do each and every single endeavor in the identical 24 hours that every one of us has got.

* The 6th precept is associated to the aromatic rose. There’s one clearly well-known announcing in China which capacity that there’s usually a little scent last in the hand of these who provide plant life to others. So right here this flower and its scent characterize social cause.

It doesn’t be counted how a good deal you earn or what heights you reach, the pride of assisting others is priceless. No marvel why some certainly wealthy human beings in today’s world do charity work, investing their richly deserved cash in creating some rural village, and many extra things.

So if you choose to have that helpful feeling of happiness and satisfaction, assist others selflessly and you’ll locate your self completely satisfied most of the time.

* The 7th precept is associated to the route of diamonds, which symbolize the small second of happiness that comes our way in life. These moments are usually in the current time. Our human brains are designed in such a way that we tend to get disturbed wondering of our previous and demanding about the future.

You by no means without a doubt revel in the small blissful moments that we have in the present. It can actually be anything, taking part in with your children in a close by park, or perhaps spending some satisfactory time with your partner.

These existing moments are supposed to be lived in current and these are the actual diamonds in our life. If solely you apprehend this now, you are simply going to be top at relationships, and well, a actual happy, contented person.

These have been the 7 training that the monk taught Julien which absolutely modified his life. As promised, Julien unfold out this expertise to the outer world, and that is what we all have to do to assist our cherished ones get all the happiness in life. So share this precis with everybody you care about. 

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