Book Name: The Story Of Treasure Island

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

In the mid-1700s, Jim Hawkins was a twelve-year-old boy whose family owned an inn near the city of Bristol, England. One evening, a drunken sailor named Billy Bones arrives and gives Jim some money to watch over his former shipmates, who Billy says are after his valuables. Some of Billy's teammates eventually arrive, literally scaring poor Billy to death, but fail in their attempt to steal Billy's property, which turns out to be a map for buried treasure on a distant island. A local nobleman, Squire Trelawney, decides to buy a ship and hire a crew to collect the treasure, and take young Jimon on board as a cabin boy. The other members of the crew are Captain Smollett, who is quite suspicious of sailors and the purpose of their voyage; Dr Livesey, a local doctor who is now a medical officer; and Long John Silver, a one-legged tavern who was hired as a ship's cook. During the trip on the Hispaniola, Jim befriends the stylish Long John Silver and almost begins to trust him. But before long, Jim and the captain and the rest of the honest crew realize that they are trapped aboard a ship full of pirates who intend to mutiny once the treasure is found. And Silver is one of those pirates. On the island, pretending not to know the pirates, Jim arrives with the mutineers, but when they kill two men who refuse to join them, Jim runs away to save his own life. While hiding on the island, Jim meets a man named Ben Gunn, who says he was stranded years ago by Captain Flint, the same captain Billy Bones and Long John Silver served. Gunn offers to help fight the mutineers in exchange for a ride home and a share of the treasure. Trelawney, Smollett, and Livesey are forced to abandon ship and hide in an island fortress with Jim and Ben. The mutineers then hoist the pirate's flag, the white skull and crossbones on a black background, sometimes called the Jolly Roger, over the Hispaniola. After the pirate fire on the fortress, Long John Silver approaches it with a late truce and demands their surrender. Captain Smollett refuses and the pirates attack again, wounding Smollett and continuing the siege.

   That night, Jim walks away from the fortress, takes Ben Gunn's makeshift boat, and heads for the Hispaniola. There are only two pirates left on board and while they are in the middle of a drunken feud, Jim manages to cut the anchor ropes and let the tide wash away the ship. But the exhausted Jim falls asleep in the small boat, and he also drifts with the tide and with the boat. Jim goes back on board and discovers that a pirate killed the other during their fight. Jim is forced to shoot the pirate remaining in self-defense, and after anchoring the ship, he returns ashore to try and help the others. Returning to the fortress in the dark, Jim is caught by Long John Silver and five other pirates. Silver tells him that Captain Smollett and the others exchanged the treasure map for their freedom and they left.

  The next morning, Silver and the other pirates take Jim hostage with them and go out to follow the treasure map. But when they find the place where the treasure should be, there is nothing. The pirates now realize why Smollett and his men were willing to hand over the treasure map, because it was worthless. Now that they've lost the treasure and the ship, the remaining pirates turn against Long John Silver. They are about to attack him when three of them are shot by Dr Livesey, Ben Gunn and another of the honest sailors. They all stayed to save Jim and Long John Silver, as Silver helped protect Jim from the other Palisade Pirates. It turns out that Ben Gunn actually found and hid the treasure months before. After abandoning the remaining mutineers on the island, Gunn, Jim and the others take the treasure aboard the Hispaniola and set sail for the house. At the first port of call, Long John Silver steals valuables and jumps the ship, escaping clean. But the others return to Bristol, where they divide up the treasure and make the decision never to follow the treasure maps again.

   Treasure Island is for the most part a thrilling and straightforward adventure tale, although it is also a coming-of-age story for Jim Hawkins. He is tested in every way by the quest to find treasure in exotic locations while encountering danger at almost every turn. It's a simple metaphor for a boy becoming a man. Jim must learn to recognize what is worth and what is not, that is, to recognize the true meaning of "treasure" and most importantly, to know which men are trustworthy and which not. are not. Long John Silver is one of Jim's greatest tests, as Silver is a lot smarter and braver than most other drunk and low-spirited hackers. Silver is described as an educated gentleman who appears to be an unlikely hacker, but that is precisely what makes him so dangerous. Money also represents a picture of what Jim might become if he's not careful. Simply put, if Jim doesn't use his own intelligence and courage to good effect, he could end up living outside the law like Silver does. Jim Hawkins' journey to Treasure Island and back can be seen as the universal human adventure of finding one's own strength and worth through self-reliance and learning that this is the real treasure.

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